Strep A
Throat swab
Results in 5 mins
Over 97% accurate
A rapid test to detect the presence of group A streptococcus bacteria, which can cause strep throat and other infections including scarlet fever, abscesses, and pneumonia.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Flu-like symptoms, such as a high temperature, swollen glands or an aching body
  • Sore throat (strep throat or tonsillitis)
  • A rash that feels rough, like sandpaper (scarlet fever)
  • Scabs and sores (impetigo)
  • Pain and swelling (cellulitis)
  • Severe muscle aches
  • Nausea and vomiting

Group A Strep pharyngitis is most common in children 5 through 15 years old. A throat swab test for strep A can immediately show if group A strep bacteria are causing the illness. This helps start immediate treatment to prevent complications as well as preventing antibiotics being unnecessarily prescribed to children who do not need them, preventing side effects and future resistance.

Dr Charles Levinson
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