Feel the burn

FREE bottle of 'Feel The Burn' Hot Sauce with every UTI Test purchased.

This summer we’re on a mission to raise awareness of UTIs. Teaming up with the award-winning Lazy Scientist, we have developed ‘Feel The Burn’, a hot sauce designed to replicate the burning symptoms of UTIs.

Women are 30 times more likely than men to develop a UTI, and many report having their UTI symptoms dismissed or downplayed by doctors despite 1.8m hospital admissions being attributed to UTIs in England alone over the past five years.

Mike Hodnett, Co-Founder of Newfoundland Diagnostics, said: "Too often, women suffering from UTIs have their symptoms and experience dismissed, leading to frustration and, in some cases, misdiagnosis.

“Our 'Feel the Burn' campaign has been developed to be a fun yet impactful way to raise awareness around this serious issue, encourage empathy and get the nation to test and not ignore symptoms.”

Steve Rushton, Founder of Lazy Scientist, said: "The chilli peppers and other botanical ingredients in this sauce work together in precise ratios to accurately recreate that unmistakable UTI burn. We want to provide an experience that helps people who have never suffered a UTI understand what their friends and loved ones are going through."

Renowned medical broadcaster and Newfoundland Diagnostics ambassador, Dr. Hilary Jones, said: “UTIs should not be taken lightly. While often regarded as a common infection that disproportionately impacts women, if left untreated, a UTI can lead to serious kidney infections and even life-threatening blood infections.

To support this initiative, a FREE bottle of 'Feel The Burn' Hot Sauce will be included with every UTI test purchased from the Newfoundland website. The sauce will also be available to purchase from popular Brixton Village food market Guzzl.

The 'Feel the Burn' sauce contains a carefully selected blend of fiery chilli peppers, including the world’s hottest chilli Carolina Reaper to replicate the burning sensations sufferers describe. Naga and Scotch Bonnet have also been added to induce moderate burning sensations, as well as star anise to create a lingering, prolonged burn reminiscent of UTI symptoms. The sauce is topped off with cranberry juice; a much debated home remedy for UTIs to bring sweetness to the overall flavour.